How To Get Rid Of Love Handles?

Do you have love handles? If so, you may at first think of them as cute and cuddly however after a while when the affection of them wears off you may just like the many want to get rid of them for good. If so, then it is possible.

It takes a little effort, but I assure you you can get rid of those love handles if you stick to the effort of the process.

What Are Love Handles?

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First of all love handles are the flesh between your waist and the start of your hips. If they were too big you would see the area itself. The way to judge you have love handles is by standing up, putting your hands at the back of your waist and at your side of your body, put your thumbs just below your waist line at the back, then spread the rest of your fingers downward and pinch or grab the flesh that is in that area, if you can grab a good handful of fat or more, then yes you got love handles.

Don’t be distressed though with a few changes we can get those love handles down or get rid of them all together.

Jogging Helps Get Rid of Love Handles

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Jogging is a great aid to reducing fat especially around the waist and love handle area.

Because of this reason doing over 20 minutes of jogging to start will help get you on the way to losing some of those handles. Not only that jogging will help lose fat all over the body eliminating more than just that desired area.

Other than jogging, swimming, martial arts or whatever suits you can help as well. Basically said you want to get yourself active for more than an hour a day. The love handles wont go straight away but in time they will reduce and in time as long as you stick to it your body will improve in many ways.

You can always try setups or crunches as well as these work the particular area specifically, however I always find unless you are working the full body all it does it create a tightening on top of the fat which if not kept at can just go back to what it was previously if not careful.

Nutrition Helps Get Rid of Love Handles

Nutrition is a big one, eat lots and lots of healthy salads, foods low in fat and more so foods high in protein. Diet is a big key on how fat is placed on the body. After all we are what we eat more or less. Also as a tip as I mentioned earlier eliminating sugar will also help the body reduce fat as well. Sugar after all turns into fat when in excess.

Also try to drink water, cut out all the soft drinks, junk foods, crisps and all those other junk food nastys. These will only improve the size of love handles and make them worse.
In the end when trying to lose weight such as love handles it is all about perseverance and keeping at it.
Me a few years ago used to be a bit over weight but over time and effort finally I am thin again.
The keyword here is time and effort.. Keep at it and you will lose it.

5 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Love Handles?

  1. Great info, if you also do some strength training as well as cardio you will burn the fat even faster, muscle helps burn fat. So add in some squats, lunges, deadlifts, the plank etc or joing a circuit trianing class which is great fun and will have you burning that fat off in no time.

  2. Like I tell my personal training clients, the key is balance and moderation when trying to lose those love handles.

    Don’t focus on hardcore dieting OR doing a ton of exercise.

    You want to set yourself up for long term results, and that only happens with a moderate, balanced approach.

    Focus on eating better and cutting out the extras. Eat great for 6 days and cheat on the 7th.

    Then move your body more and get out and exercise.

    Doing both, exercising and reducing calories is alot easier to lose the love handles and keep them off.


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