Does Cutting Out Sugar Increase Weight Loss?

A common question by many is does sugar and sugar based products cause weight gain or stop weight loss. The simple answer to that question, is YES sugar increases weight gain and if one can cut it out of the diet as much as possible that weight loss will increase. With this question many people get confused with what to cut out in order to lose weight more quickly.

By cutting these foods down in the diet and eating well you are on the way to better and a more productive weight loss regime. Remember it is always important to eat a well balanced diet consisting of many vegetables and low sugar fruits as well as cutting out the heavy processed foods.

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Foods To Cut Out Or Cut Down On That Are High In Sugar?

  • Raw or Refined Sugar
  • High Sugar Fruits
  • Low Grade Fruit Juices
  • Energy Drinks (Instead drink real water)
  • Honey (in moderation is very healthy)
  • Molasses
  • Syrup
  • Lollies
  • Sucrose
  • Canned Food
  • Processed Frozen Dinners
  • Cake

All of these above you can see are very sweet products, while in small moderation some are okay, when trying to lose weight they are a big no no.. Instead to keep healthy focus on the diet plan in moderation as listed below.

Foods To Eat More Of?

  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Food
  • Rice
  • Fresh Low Sugar Fruit
  • Chemical Free Beef or Chicken or Fish

Basically said lower the carb intake which can turn into sugars in the body as well as raise the protein and vegetable and low carb

many fruit juices contain sugar and increase weight gain
Many processed fruit juices contain sugar which increases weight gain

intake. This will help the body in time to

go into detox mode thus increase weight gain. It is amazing what reducing the amount of sugar can do..


Why Does Sugar Increase Weight Gain?

Sugar increases weight gain because we all need energy and sugar helps that, however with modern sedentary lifestyle of minimum exercise most of the sugars that are taken are overloaded. This is because we no longer hunt or gather all day, or walk extensive distances each day.

Instead we focus on jobs and a more stressful lifestyle in which sugar is surrounding us in many processed foods. Because of extra energy and extra stress the body goes into more stress and it needs to come out somewhere and that somewhere is usually in weight gain.

So what is the solution, the main solution to fix the weight gain issue it to try to resort back to how lifestyles used to be in the distant past, eat more protein, less sugar and focus more on the vegetable and low sugar fruit lifestyle.

hamburger contain nasty sugars

What To Expect When Cutting Out Sugar?

When cutting down or cutting out sugar one can expect to get a bit rundown due to the body going into a rapid detox, this is because sugar helps hide the feelings of eating bad or bad lifestyle. When one confronts the problem and starts eating better the liver and kidneys need to filter out all the crap that has been consumed over the many, many years..

In time over the months the health will change to feel better and the weight will start to roll off. Do this type of diet for over 6 months to see some amazing results.

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  1. rice has starch and is a form of sugar the body has a hard time breaking down if you have diabetes… well this is what the doctor told my mother when she was diagnosed

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