Why Some People Never Lose Weight

If you are one of those people that feels that you have tried everything but everything just seems to fail. Why is that you may wonder? Is it just you or are there others like that. Could it be that there really is a reason.

Unfortunately for many this reality can be true, there is hope however because i believe the reason for this is right there. It is all to do with programming. Every day we are programming whether it be to eat, sleep, work or whatever, we are programming ourselves and our daily lives. To me and for those with difficulty this is where you need to assess is weight gain is one of those programming habits. For example imagine you subliminally said to yourself everyday, I want to lose weight..? Do you think that is good programming or an assessment of yourself being overweight.

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Instead you could say and think I am looking so much thinner everyday. While these thoughts do not do it alone, everyone knows that belief is a very powerful thing, those that believe they can do some ridiculous things can it with belief. Same goes with weight loss, in fact many dietitians believe that we all have our very own weight loss switch that we can simply turn on and off. The more negative we are about our weight loss the more the switch stays on. The more negative about the more we can switch off weight loss or slow the results.

No matter who, you can lose weight…

After noticing all these aspects of the mental aspect of weight loss I wanted to share a couple things anybody can do to change that mental thought and it is about pushing ourselves. You see by pushing ourselves we tell our mind and our own personal weight loss switch that we want to lose weight.

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  1. Firstly think of an exercise, any exercise and now you are going to do it, do not make it simple, then think on how much you can handle. That is it, then simply double that amount. For example if you thought of doing 20 pushups, then double it to 40. I know it is harder, however this is the key to turn off this mental switch, you need to prove to your body and your mind that you can beat who..? You of course and by doing so the switch can turn off..
  2. Think of what you eat and then reduce that amount and do it to at least one quarter less. To substitute eat more salads and drink more fresh water.
  3. Tell yourself everyday – ” Wow i am looking so good” – “Geez i look better” – “Or I love losing weight”. It is amazing the power of positive words and thinking you should try it and you will see what i mean.

Lastly if all these seem too hard then i have definitely hit the answer on the nail.

Look to those that have been through similar

Another point i will lastly add is there is always going to be those that have had similar situations where they overcome weight loss by pushing that little harder and by adjusting the mindset. These types of people can be used as your idles, read there stories, there hurdles and see how they got past it all as well. In a way it is like those biggest loser shows that is so popular, these people are so overweight however by changing there mindset, there diet and pushing themselves actively they all come to the same out. They all lose weight. If you have not watched a season of then it maybe the time if you feel similar. They can show some inspirational changes in people for the better.

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