The 14 Day Cabbage Juice Diet

You know cabbage right? That lovely green or red vegetable we buy from the supermarket. Commonly used in soups, salads or even pies. What if I told you that it is one of the most healing and beneficial vegetables on the planet. Well it is, but what if I told you it’s secret healing ability lies in it’s fresh juice. That’s right, cabbage juice.

Other than a good healthy food source, some of the many benefits of Cabbage include it’s natural anti – inflammatory properties. It naturally is a good source of lactic acid, making it a excellent natural healer of gastritis and intestinal afflictions.New research also indicates it is a good fighter against cancer and heart disease.

As for digestive issues, long has been known for Cabbage to help settle digestion problems and help heal ulcers. Not only that many swear by how it makes one more regular in the bowels, thus helping anyone lose good amounts of weight. The big theory behind this is fresh cabbage juice sticks to the bowel walls allowing healing, but not just healing reducing the amount of fat absorbed by the bowel walls. Thus losing weight.

Cabbage Juice Benefits

The 14 Day Cabbage Juice Diet Has Many Benefits

The reason I recommend the 14 day diet is because I did it previously a year ago. The main reason I tried is because I received news of having a ulcer and I did not want to go on the whole massive anti biotic treatment. I decided to try the main form of treatment prescribed just over 50 years ago and still apparently prescribed in Russia today. That is many portions of fresh Cabbage Juice Daily.

At first I wanted to just see If it would help me with my ulcer pain. Then after using for a few days, i noticed my pain had eased, my bowels were regular and started to feel healthier. Then after a week I noticed some definite weight loss, my ulcer discomfort was almost gone and I could start to eat more foods. After 10 days I noticed the ulcer pain totally gone and I had lost about 3 kilos of weight. That is in 10 days. And I felt great. I then continued it for a total of 14 days, after which I felt so good inside my stomach and bowels. I felt younger and more clearer in the head and had also developed a craving and a taste for Cabbage Juice.

How to Do the 14 Day Cabbage Juice Diet?

If you have an ulcer or want to lose weight or want to have a good cleanse out ( a diet cleanse) then I recommend the 14 day Cabbage Juice diet. I will give you the exact directions to do, exactly the same as what I did a year ago. It is really easy, you do not need to change diet, all you have to do is add fresh regular Cabbage Juice to your day.

Step 1

Buy a Good Vegetable Juicer – They are pretty cheap these days so shop around. Below is a recommended choice you could buy online now.

breville compact juice fountain

The Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain is an  easy to use juice maker that is recommended by many and is also very affordable in price. For more information or to purchase the Breville Juicer.

Step 2

For the most benefit of Cabbage Juice go with the Green Cabbage.

Source out a good source of fresh Cabbages where you can go every day and buy 4, yes four Cabbages will give you four glasses of Cabbage Juice. You can go with just 2 or 3 if you want but because I had an ulcer I wanted to hit it well. If you are just doing as a cleanse, then an easy way is a big glass in the morning and then a big glass in the afternoon after work is fine.

It is really important to find as fresh a source as possible, if possible straight out of the ground is best. The chemical component that is important is best in a fresh state.

Step 3

Buy 4 Cabbages a Day

Step 4

Juice them in your Juicer and drink the juice within 3 to 4 minutes of juicing. Every glass will be approximately 1 Cabbage, so juice a cabbage each time you have a drink.This is important tip as the healing chemical inside Cabbage is active only for a few minutes.

Step 5

Drink 2 to 4 good glasses a day for 14 days. Good times are Morning, Lunch and Dinner time. With or without food is fine.

After doing the 14 day cleanse start to wind down on your Cabbage Juice intake and start to go back to a regular diet. See how you feel, do you feel more clearer, more cleansed and did you lose some unwanted weight?

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  1. Cabbage sure does take a while to get used to however it really does shed the pounds and quick as well. Now back to my cabbage smoothie.

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