Does Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Work?

If you have not heard already, there is a new weight loss product that is causing some major media attention lately and that product is called “Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract”..

A few years ago it was coconut oil which is still one of my recommended products of choice as well. I find it is easy to take and works well.

Okay, so back to the topic at hand, recently a reader asked me, does this product work, so I thought I would put it to the test myself. My mum who has tried so many weight loss regimes is always looking to try something new and so I got her onto this product. I said her, why not try it mum. She, who is willing to try almost anything decided yeah, why not.

So I ordered her some of this coffee stuff and by the way you have to make sure to get the right type. Here is a link to the right green coffee bean type for those wanting to try as well. It has to be Svetel. Okay, so some product was ordered. In the first few days not too much happened, we could not decide if it was working however a week later she lost nearly 1.5 kgs.

AboveGingerTalkTV gives a review of Green Coffee Bean Extract as a Weight Loss Product.

I thought, wait on here, this could be a coincidence so, another week passed by and she lost an extra 1.5 kgs a week later and I was like, okay paying attention here.

On the third week my mum lost 2 kgs again.

Well I must say this, she did not change her diet, all that changed was adding this product and she lost just under 5 kgs total in just over 3 weeks. That impressed me to say the least.

In fact I am still impressed, so I looked into it further and found celebrity doctors promoting it such as Dr. Oz.

I wanted to find out more still, why was it so effective, I thought.

Well, the answer lies inside this particular green bean, there is a powerful enzyme that seems to help block fat ( similar in a way to cabbage ) and speed up the metabolic rate.

Benefits Overall:green coffee bean

  • Speeds up Metabolic rate 
  • Powerful enzyme ( digestion )
  • Recommended by many
  • My Mums 7 kg story
  • Easy to take
  • No change in diet, although if one did a diet as well imagine the results
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Virtually no caffeine at all

Overall, lot’s of good views, on the negative side I can say, make sure you are not allergic to coffee, if allergic you may have a reaction. If not allergic remember this has virtually no caffeine so is very safe. Another negative side maybe mild symptoms of detox however we all get them when losing weight so that is one to ignore as well.

Overall very happy with the results.

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