What Are Some Good Sugar Alternatives?

When on any diet trying and trying to lose weight one of the most important aspects during that process of the diet is to cut out sugar. With sugar gone you will make your weight loss routine into a more rapid weight loss routine. With that all said you are probably wondering if I have no or little sugar in my diet now, what are some good sugar alternatives you can use that will help make the process a lot easier for you. Just so you are aware, just because it is an alternative to sugar does not mean it is not going to turn into fat, sweet things in general ( overall ) are hard to get rid of in the body so reducing sweets overall during any diet is a good idea as well.

Some Good Sugar Alternativesstevia - a good sugar alternative

  1. Honey – Honey is a lot more nutritious than sugar and is full of good vitamins and minerals, using honey instead of sugar is a good option. For some you may start to even prefer it as a choice over sugar once you start.
  2. Stevia – Stevia is a natural sweetener that is safe for those that have problems with sugar overall, this includes people with Candida. Stevia can be used in hot drinks or on serial and looks and tastes quite like white process sugar.
  3. Fructose – Fructose is the sugar found in fruit and is a lot more beneficial than sugar. To use you can use exactly like sugar but not as strong tasting as sugar.
  4. Molasses – Made from the derivatives of sugar, however is only the beneficial high vitamin and mineral part. Use wisely as is very sweet as well.
  5. Brown Rice Syrup – Another nutritious choice.
  6. Maple Syrup – Nice sweet alternative but make sure it is real Maple syrup.. The real one is quite expensive.

Above – Example of what to look for with Stevia, a natural good Sugar alternative.

When it comes to all sweeteners use in moderation of course when on a diet.  These are just better options for those that need a little sweet as well. Recommended moderation is under two tablespoons of these daily.

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