How to Get Rid of a Double Chin?

So it has finally started to happen.. The nasty signs of a double chin. Whatever happened you may ask.? What is it..?  How do i get rid of it..? Will the double chin last forever.? Is there really a way of getting rid of a double chin..? Let’s go into detail..

What is a Double Chin?

There are many elements that cause a double chin, one is age, another is diet and another is lack of exercise. All of these elements need to be taken into account when assessing your situation. If you are still young then you need to address lack of exercise or lack of a good diet. I for one am a perfect example, having a double chin for over two years and then finally getting rid of it with a proper well rounded diet and some good daily exercises. It was not easy i can tell you, so if you are just seeing some basic signs now it the time to act before it turns into a proper double chin
which can take even longer, maybe even years to completely get rid of..There is hope though, do not give up.. Below are eight ways to help get rid of double chin for good..

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin?

1. ) Lower fat intake and caloric intake daily to help speed up weight loss.. Many studies and science reveals that by lowering calorie intake you will speed up weight loss as well as how quickly the body burns fat. Hence burning fat away from around your double chin..

2. ) Double Chin Exercises – You have to exercise the area everyday. One way is by accentuating your vowels a number of times.

Say – A E I O U..

Do yawning motions and keep your chin moving as much as possible.. This may sound silly but tensing and relaxing your chin and yawning exercises all help reduce the double chin if it is done daily..

3. ) Chew chewing gum.. Yep that gum is a winner, try to chew for at least 3 to 4 hours a day and you will notice a difference in time.. That gum is a nifty double chin killer..

4. ) Exercise the Body – Exercise your whole body and losing weight will help your chin as well.. Now is a good time to have a good exercise plan. That way in time you will feel more healthy as well as lose unwanted fat in places including the chin area.

5. ) Keep a Good Neck Posture – By keeping a good neck posture it can help the fat not settle in on the chin as much. Posture is important for many reasons and this is one of them.

6. ) A good diet – Like all health professionals say we are what we eat. Go on a good low carb diet for a while and look for improvements in your body. In time a well balanced low carb diet ( like a candida diet ) does wonders not only for losing a double chin but also is really good for the whole body..

7. ) Drink plenty of Water – Instead of drinking soft drink now is the time to drink only water and plenty of it. Water helps the liver and kidneys and will also help get the body running well. Being on a high water diet has so many benefits, one being helping you lose weight..

8. ) Plastic Surgery is the last option, but a very nasty one. Going under the knife. This one is the quick fix but can
cost a lot of money and cause you a lot of pain for a while after the surgery is over.. It is probably the most surefire ( quick ) way to get rid of a double chin but is also the least recommended. I will leave this choice up to you..

So in conclusion to the the question will a double chin last forever..? My answer is a positive no, as long as you can modify yourself enough. It is true that some people are more prone to it genetically, so you will have to work harder if this is the case. Good Luck.

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