Are You Always Creating Health Goals of What You Do Not Expect?

If you are always creating health goals in life and not achieving them, what do you think maybe the reason? How long has it been going on? And could it possibly be you that is the issue?

How long have all these goals gone unnoticed and how long will you be around if this is always being put off. How often do you write down a goal and then later look at it and say to yourself, ” Well that is another one i can’t do..?” If that is you, you are not alone, many are in the same boat however there is a way to turn all those problems around.

Understand the Mind When it Comes to Health..

When it comes to health or weight loss or any type of health condition in order to get better we have to fully understand how the mind works. The mind loves routine and the mind also loves to stay in that routine as well. Whether that routine is good for your health or not, the mind wants what it wants. The truth is when most people write down a goal they expect it to not be succeeded.

This is the fatal flaw of goal starting, if you start to create a goal in anything in life, you have to convince the mind that this is real and that it is expected. This goes with anything. Did you know that a lot of weight loss issues are just in the mind? I am not kidding, many reports reveal so, each time you look in the mirror and see what you don’t want to see you are reinforcing the weight gain. Instead when one looks in the mirror they need to firmly say to themselves, oh wow, i am losing weight and looking great. See how it would make the mind feel. The mind almost then immediately starts to create that reality by forcing the body to do certain changes in life.

Write a Real Goal and Make the Mind Believe It..

You see the mind is riddle, we all know that, but by programming it to be a certain way, we actually hinder the response in our body to expect certain results. Why is that when we do certain weight loss or health diets that we feel better. Is it solely from the diet alone or is it partly from what we are expecting of the body to respond. The answer is it is undeniable both. Yes, that is right the mind is creating the outcome you expect as it should. In a way how you see yourself is what you will get. If you have for long periods of time hated your body, loathed how you feel and how you look then what to expect is easy, the body will develop that way. However with a few simple changes in belief the mind can turn all that around.

While this is not all rocket science. It is amazing to think what the human mind is capable of thinking is normal, this can include ridiculous things that we take for granted that were considered crazy 100 hundred years ago. How you perceive everything in reality becomes reality in a way as well.

So, are you one of the ones that is always creating Health Goals and Expecting them to fail?

If so then now is the time to change the mind on how it sees everything, get back on the diet, expect results, really expect them and keep at it. Do not let the mind push you back into that darn routine we all know is so familiar. Instead let you be the boss, first goal health, second goal whatever you desire.

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