Green Tea for Quicker Weight Loss

One great and easy weight loss tip is drinking Green Tea. This powerful tea has many healing benefits and one is its ability to help those lose weight. While it is not going to do it alone, as an extra aid it sure is an easy one to add to the diet and the daily routine. In the post below i will go through the benefits of green tea and its history.

What is Green Tea and Where is it From?

Green tea is a tea made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. This tea originates from China and history shows it has been used for over 4000 years. It is still currenty used today for its many health benefits..

cup green teaWhile not all scientific evaluations of this plant have been proven many reviews indicate it can help. One benefit being that  green tea drinkers have a lower chance of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer.

Although there is no full on scientific evidence that plain green tea can produce weight loss, a green tea extract rich in polyphenols & caffeine has been shown to be great for  overweight issues, since it induces thermogenesis & stimulates fat oxidation (meaning helps burn fat).

Green Tea and Weight Loss

The amazing benefits of green tea are its ability to help with weight loss. This is due to a few reasons, one being that it is a good appetite suppressant and another being that it speeds up the metabolism which helps burn fat better.

Also because of its mild caffeine properties it also is a great energy drink to get the body moving and so more weight loss as well.. Good for motivating the body for regular exercise..

My Opinion..? What makes green tea so powerful to me is that it is so easy to get.. You can simply go down to most major supermarkets and purchase it within minutes.. Not only that but it is such a refreshing drink that it really is not a hard drink to add to the daily routine..

Some Extra Green Tea Tips..

Some good green tea tips are adding lemon to your green tea. Another is having it on ice, (called Tra Da in Vietnam) for a lovely refreshing cool drink. Adding a bit of peppermint can give it a nice boost as well.. Use your imagination, green tea can go with many mainstream herbal drinks.. Enjoy..

  1. Green Tea with lemon
  2. Green Tea with Ice
  3. Green Tea with Lemon
  4. Green Tea with Ginger
  5. Green Tea with Peppermint

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  1. Geez i love green tea, i have been trying this one for a few days and it feels good just drinking.. No wonder it has been popular in so many countries for so long.. Gotta love Green Tea.. 🙂

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