5 Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight in a rapid way? If so, some of the best tips are detailed below. While weight loss is best done at a normal speed in some cases rapid weight loss is needed to get yourself down to the weight the body needs. To some it is a life and death situation as obesity is still one of the biggest killers today. So what is the secret you may ask..? Well the secret to weight loss is not so much about what I can tell you, it is more so what you can tell yourself as well. Think about it,i can give you 5 awesome tips but without you doing and you telling yourself to do then what is the point of you reading this post if you are trying to lose weight.


Don’t go anywhere just yet, what I said above is a wake up call, you can lose weight and you can lose weight rapidly. And I can show you how..? The number one factor being here in this post is self motivation. This is the time to just do what is said, not linger on the possibility of weight loss, instead become a doer.

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My 5 Tips for Rapid Weight Loss:

  1. Self Motivation – Get motivated, be active and take charge to all the tips provided, be determined in the mind to lose weight as well as the body. You can’t have one without the other and keep at it.
  2. Diet – Cut out all processed foods and eat mainly vegetables and lean meat (excluding pork). Processed foods is any food that is modified or in packaging. With the exception of natural yogurt as this is excellent for digestion.
  3. Fibre -Fibre is your biggest friend when losing weight and getting regular, introduce more fibre in the diet until you are passing at least twice a day. Foods excellent for fibre include porridge (oats), Muesli, pysillium husks, slippery elm bark, rye biscuits, natural sour doe bread and bran. Include more of these in diet with lots of veges and protein and they will help.
  4. Exercise – Be active like I said above with a minimum of 1 hour walking a day plus another activity that keeps you moving. This is vital and will also help keep you regular as well..
  5. Eat Less – This is a simple tip, simply eat like how you want to be, don’t eat for more than one. Eat smaller portions and keep them healthy. Remove as much high carbs from diet such as wheat and other sweets meaning NO SUGAR..

With the tips above and a bit of time the body will move into a form of Rapid Weight Loss because you are adjusting yourself to the new you. Keep at and you will get there. Good Luck.

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  1. I like your 5 tips for rapid weight loss. It is very helpful. You have a nice site.

    I know losing weight is very hard for many of us. The main reason is that a lot of people just can not resist the delicious food and the lack of exercise is another factor. Lanna

  2. You have laid out some very nice weight loss tips in this article. Many people will find it useful & helpful, it shows your ability that you are an expert in your weight loss field. Keep providing such great information. Thanks!

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