Organic Chia Seeds

Have you heard of Chia Seeds before? If not that is okay, they are very popular food addition that is becoming more and more popular each day for its many, many health benefits, one being a great omega 3 source, another being it full of protein and fiber and lastly another added benefit being its ability to help one with weight loss.

What Are Organic Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are the seeds from the Chia plant a member of the mint family of plants, without the minty taste. The many benefits of chia are in its health value, it is naturally high in omega 3 fatty acids, high in fiber, and is naturally abundant in various other vitamins and minerals.

organic chia seeds

It can be added to just about anything you want to eat, however seems to most popularly used in milkshakes and breakfast cereals. Lastly but not least, because of its unique blend of fiber and nutrients it has helped many lose weight as well.

How to Lose Weight with Chia Seeds?

As Chia Seeds are a great source of fiber, protein, natural antioxidants as well as essential fatty 3 acids they are a great filler. However unlike other food fillers the source of fiber will help clean the bowels properly, thus increase the amount of natural proper bowel movements and in time help one lose weight.

Unlike other high fiber foods, Chia Seeds are a super food in a way, with an extremely high source of nutritional value, for this reason, the product makes a healthier body and bowel system. Because of the health boost they will giver the body more energy, to do things like exercise thus losing more weight as well.

Chia Seeds contain both Soluble and Insoluble fiber giving the body both sources to aid in digestion.

Chis Seeds have another unique ability and that is there ability to soak up water. When mixing a couple of teaspoons to a standard cup of water they form a gel like substance and consistency. This alone can be drank for its many nutrients and because it is like a gel is very filling in itself. Also, the Chia Seeds gel helps slow down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in the system, so you stay full for longer, without any nasty peaks in blood sugar. Feeling more satisfied (fuller) for longer will certainly lead to better weight loss.

Like I said earlier with the high content of fiber this will act like a internal body cleaner, helper you become more naturally regular, stopping constipation or any digestive problems. This change in to a healthier you will in turn change to better healthier level of weight loss as well.

Overall Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

  1. Good Source of Soluble which improves natural digestion
  2. High in Protein
  3. Contains rare Antioxidants
  4. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Where to Buy Chia Seeds?

A very common question is where to buy Chia Seeds? They can be bought very easily online at a very affordable price as well so that is my most recommended way of buying for convenience and value. For more on Organic Chia Seeds, or to buy, or to read reviews on the product click here.

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