How to Lose Arm Flab?

Arm flab.. We all hate it, am i right..? So, how do we get rid of it and how can we stop it from coming back..? Below are three tips to help lose that unwanted flab and get the arm more toned..

First of all what is arm flab..?

Arm flab is unwanted fat that settles around the arm. It is described as flab because it tends to sway as we move. This condition can be caused by high fat diets, high sugar diets and bad diets.. Another way arm flab can be caused is by pulling weights regularly and then stopping the routine.. In time the body can develop flab or fat where the muscle used to be..


Three Tips to Remove Arm Flab

  1. Eat a low fat and low sugar diet consisting mainly of salads, starches and proteins.. In particular salads to keep the fat levels down.. Low carbs will help speed up the process as well
  2. Do not eat to excess ( The Not Full Diet ) and drink plenty of water ( Water Fasting Diet ) when hungry..
  3. Arm exercises such as push ups, arm stretchers, pull ups, clenches are all good for toning the area where the flab is and help the flab reduce..

How do we stop Arm Flab from Coming Back..?

The best way to stop arm flab from coming back is by following a good low fat, low sugar, low carb diet with plenty of exercise. To keep it off and to lose arm flab takes time and effort. Keep at it for a while and be patient and follow my tips above and it will reduce in time.. Good Luck..

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