Funniest Moments of The Biggest Loser Season 5

The Biggest Loser is one of those addictive shows many of us get addicted to when trying to lose weight. And it is a good thing too. It gives motivation to lose those extra pounds ourselves. Below is Biggest Loser season 5 funniest moments.

What I enjoy most about the show is that it is very easy to relate to when trying to lose weight while putting a humorous side to it. In a way it is good to look at weight loss like that, push yourself but don’t too hard on yourself sort of thinking.

As can be seen in the photo to the left, there can be some amazing results in weight loss when you put everything into and push it like they do in the show. In the photo it shows the before and after shot after 12 weeks on the biggest loser show.. Impressive hey..

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