Does Caffeine Increase Weight Loss?

Do you drink caffeine drinks or products containing caffeine? Love your coffee or your tea? If so you may be interested in the benefits for those wanting to lose weight.

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a drug found in several products mainly coffee and tea to name a few. What it does to the body is big, it helps stimulate the system into feeling more awake, more stimulated and helps speed up the metabolism, as well as can be used as a energy source. There are negatives to caffeine including it negatively effects the liver and kidneys. The positives are that it can make one more alert while the effects last and give one energy even when energy levels are low. While no real research indicates caffeine is negative to the heart it can cause palpitations and increase heart rate. Because of all these effects the caffeine will help to burn calories, fat and make us less want to eat ( appetite suppressant).

If one is using caffeine excessively to lose weight as some do it is important to be safe, caffeine can create an allergic reaction in the body over time until the point one cannot drink much at all and must go off. Because of this with caffeine  and trying to lose weight always consider doing it in moderation.


No Sugar With Your Caffeine Please

As a aspect of note on weight loss and caffeine, when trying to lose weight if one adds sugar to the mix this can make it a waste of time. You see sugar is the enemy of those wanting to lose weight, cut it out totally.. Use honey if you want, but sugar is a big no no.. Instead try coffee with no sugar or artificial sweetener or honey.. I know to those that love sugar this is harsh, but when one wants to lose weights there is no real short cuts..

So next time you drink a cup of tea or coffee think, remember it not only feels good to drink, but also it is great weight loss aid.. While one cannot rely on it totally, if one can drink it has a partial benefit on your progress..

However on another note many believe that focusing on water alone is the best method. I will leave that decision up to you.. If you do already drink coffee or tea have it without sugar or cream and see how you go.. If you do not use coffee or tea yet and you want its benefits to try, then consider using in moderation and not as a total weight loss regime..

Caffeine Speeds up the MetabolismThe Facts..

Caffeine speeds up the metabolism, and studies have shown that the body temperature rises slightly after drinking coffee. At the same time, caffeine and coffee contain no calories.

So caffeine does have a weight loss effect on the body weight, but not a big one. If you were to consistently drink about four cups of unsweetened coffee a day, every day, and change nothing else about your diet, you can expect to lose about five to eight pounds in a year due to the caffeine. As a weight loss method, this is of course very slow. However if one changed to water and using coffee or tea instead of soda’s, that would be a massive change to the body and yes it would lose more weight over time..

As a tip, enjoying a hot tea with lemon is a great way to unwind and to clean the system. The lemon adds a spruce to the drink, while also giving a cleansing effect while drinking.

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