Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

Like anything else stress can cause a myriad of ailments, stress related illness, headaches, sleepiness and many more. However is it possible stress can cause one more.. Weight Gain..? Is weight gain just a myth or is it a cycle of what stress can cause as well..?

Many researchers are now indicating stress can cause sugars to burn more slower and stress can also cause us to be less productive in exercise. It makes sense in a lot of ways but i believe it depends on how each of us is made up.. To some gaining weight may be common but to others the opposite may happen where we lose weight. I think it depends on how stress effects the make up of our mind, our eating habits and also our bodies..


What do you think..? Can stress cause weight gain?

4 thoughts on “Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

  1. Great question. I think it comes down to how stress effects the body in general, if your weakness is fat and you have stress the body will find harder to eliminate.. On the other hand some people are the oppisite when it comes to stress..

  2. Indeed stress can and does cause weight gain. Overeating is a common reaction to stressful situations. Its why its called “comfort food”.

  3. Just curious to see what you want to say about this topic: Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

    I also think that it depends. If a person falls into a habit of eating in order to reduce his/her stress, of course he/she will gain weight.

    However, if a person who did not feel like to eat because of too much stress, then he/she of course will lose weight.

    I know some people like to go shopping instead of eating. In this case they will lose money instead of weight.

    So it all depends on how someone reacts with stress in my opinion. Lanna

    • Hey Lanna,
      Very good point there, it depends on the person and how there body is made up, how it reacts to stress so to speak.

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