Best Workout Music of the Ages

Looking for workout with a memory blast, well how about this, a collection of classics or highlights from certain periods throughout history up to present time. Let me say I will segregate them by decades to help you hear them in order. If you relate to them or are old enough to to relate then let me know your thoughts.

A good place to start of course is from the beginning, the 1950’s. If you are looking for something different from the ages to workout to to this should help as well.

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1950 – Blast from the Past.. Okay maybe more than a blast from the past for me, I was born in the late 70’s so yeah blast for my parents here on this one.

1960 – Funky Times.. On the pinnacle of a music revolution, Beatles, Monkeys and simply good times.. Revolution.

1970 – Alright, alright, alright, nice moves.. the 1970’s was all about the dance moves, could you dance the night away..

1980 – Gotta love the 1980’s.. Rocky of course has to be in this list. Some awesome dance and workout music came from this time.

1990 – Those unique beats of the 1990’s paved the way to the new era.. Well so they thought at the time.

2000 – Okay well, 2000 and beyond.. Lot’s of loud beats.. Funky is probably the word for this one.

2010 – Okay present time, hmmm.. More feedback needed.. Seems like we are sort of repeating history here.

An interesting note to add is that over time it appears on many levels music tends to repeat itself. While we try to think we are in a new time or new age even now in teh year 2013 you can hear songs or music that is similar to those in the early 1960’s or 1970’s. I guess because history has a tendency to repeat itself.

What is you favorite workout music, did I include it above..?

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